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Originally Posted by robin325ci View Post
I haven't found a way to auto-resume playback, but it doesn't bother me since it only takes like half a second to tap the screen to resume. Regarding the crashing issues, I've also expreriended some crashes using FlickTunes and other apps. If you have SBsettings installed, remove it. I found that it fixed most of my crash issues. It also fixed my springboard issues while using the SBrotator app. Regarding the scattered icons, this is caused by using the 3x5 layout. Using this layout will take the 16th app (bottom right) from each "page" and put them all together in a new page.
Ok so restoring my ipod did the trick... as of now I will stick with FlickTunes (nothing like jumping in the car turning the key and having the music autoresume where I left off) as most people wanted the ability to pause on shutdown then autoresume on startup. Less driver distraction!

Personally and for the sake of safer driving I hate the lock screen and just get rid of it; one less step so I would keep the NOLOCKSCREEN tweak

GOOD FIND SBrotator is perfect!
GOOD FIND I will keep TuTuneme install for those occasions when I need more control...

Please let me know if you find any other useful apps or tweaks!
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