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Originally Posted by DANe46 View Post
Ok so restoring my ipod did the trick... as of now I will stick with FlickTunes (nothing like jumping in the car turning the key and having the music autoresume where I left off) as most people wanted the ability to pause on shutdown then autoresume on startup. Less driver distraction!

Personally and for the sake of safer driving I hate the lock screen and just get rid of it; one less step so I would keep the NOLOCKSCREEN tweak

GOOD FIND SBrotator is perfect!
GOOD FIND I will keep TuTuneme install for those occasions when I need more control...

Please let me know if you find any other useful apps or tweaks!
Good thing the restore fixed your issues! I was hesitant to use NoLockScreen because I have my ipod set to require a passcode after a certain time, but I just found out that the passcode option still works! So i have bolockscreen enabled now. Good find
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