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Originally Posted by HarjG View Post
Hi All!

I am new to this so please bear with me.

I have read thoroughly through this forum and others on the internet and cannot get to the bottom of the issue I am facing.

Current Setup

Widescreen Satnav with TV/bluetooth/Mk4 DVD/Alpine MP3 CD Changer with Intravee II.


Installed Rear View Camera (Link below)

Wired up relay as mentioned in other forums on this site (Pin 17 blue, 2 grounds and 12v + from the reverse light.

Now, when I plug in the Video cable into pin 13,14 on the tv module, the picture flickers and looks as if its grey and not colour.

If I plug the video cable into AV pins on the TV Module and switch the Nav Monitor to AV, the picture is clear.

On a lot of forums it states the reverse camera must be NTSC to work.
I have checked this and it is. When I select AV mode, the camera only works if I set it to NTSC else it flickers if set to PAL. (This proves the camera is NTSC to me, else I am wrong)

So my question is, why is the picture flickering when in pin 13,14 (White connector and pin 17 on Blue connector)?
because the tv module is expecting a NTSC video signal in the reverse camerai video input.
You must replace your current reverse camera by a NTSC one.
otherwise, i think you can use navcoder to change the NTSC/PAL setting of the reverse camera video input.
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