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Hi all, first post, this is a great group and I have spent many hours trawling the boards as I have just bought an '01 M3. It's the ****.

Anyway I saw about these Dynavin units so I got on board and purchased one from a local supplier here in Australia.

My car has the old 4:3 TV and what I believe is the BM 23 radio. I also have a stacker, an analogue TV tuner and the amp for the Harmon Krapdon system (which I will have to upgrade at some stage, I thought it would be better!)

When I went to do my install, the fakra cable I was provided with had the flat pin connector that was incorrect for my car. I did some research, in this thread mainly, that said I had to splice the shorter cable onto my fakra cable that had the correct pin connector.

After I had done this I connected my adjusted fakra cable to the cabling in the back of my car, and without installing it in the interior hooked it up to the dynavin in the trunk. I also plugged in the antenna and rewired the battery. After I turned on the ignition in the car, my dynavin would not turn on.

There were several cables that I had yet to connect, which I will detail in the photos below. I could not find anywhere to plug these in. The pin connector that plugs into the existing radio had two other plugs that I haven't connected anything to, which is where I presume the wires are that I need.

[IMG]Computer\James's iPhone\Internal Storage\DCIM\800AAAAA\IMG_0803.JPG[/IMG]

This is how my fakra is currently installed

[IMG]Computer\James's iPhone\Internal Storage\DCIM\800AAAAA\IMG_0805.JPG[/IMG]

This is my radio unit where you can see where the two plugs go into that are different to the pin connector on my fakra cable.

[IMG]Computer\James's iPhone\Internal Storage\DCIM\800AAAAA\IMG_0810.JPG[/IMG]

This is my fakra with new cabling, do the wires on the plug at the bottom right need to be connected for it to function?

If anyone would be able to give me some advice it would be much appreciated. I presume that once this is done, my BM23 unit is redundant, so I can toss it.

Thanks in advance
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