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Where to begin...

After reading one of youre threads , I was compelled and couldnt resist Introducing my self In a proper manner , From that moment on ,there was more then just a connection for the love of E46"s , We share a condition that one can not understand the feeling unless they live through It ..the way we do.

I was detrmined to put a face to the words and voice for once and for all, Weeks away from Bimmerfest I can recall telling Carol how enthused I was upon meeting you (A true OG to the E46 FANATIC world) and how much It meant to me to attend Bimmerfest.

When you filled me In on the secret I knew before seeing It that It would be a work of art ! Now seeing It at first hand persay I have to hand It to you this brings a whole new meaning to life, Perfection at Its best.

I have nothing but the up most respect and all for you !,Youre story-friendship and words of Inseperation truly define how much of a great and kind friend you have been !

Keep the faith brother!

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