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Originally Posted by NorthJersey 3er View Post
I love the color! I really like the scheme too. I'd like to see some high polished wheels against that new color but I know what cf means to you. Nice meeting you at bimmerfest.
Thanks Matt! I enjoyed meeting you as well at Bimmerfest.

Originally Posted by serviceguy85 View Post
looks awesome, going to h2o? would love to see it in person, and where did the sedan vented hood come from?
When is h20? If I can I'll try and come. Sedan vented hood came from Vorsteiner but unfortunately they don't make the sedan hood anymore.

Originally Posted by kakashi_sensi View Post
holy moly!! hot ride!! how much was the paint job??
Thanks bro! Paint sponsorship... sorry I can't reveal the details of it.

Originally Posted by Yellowmann View Post
Navin, Great to see that you finally release this to everyone... Stepping it up for the EP crew for sure. I have more plans for you later I can't wait to see it in person, maybe when Doug is up here for some Pho

Thanks Charlie!! I appreciate all the feedback and guidance you gave me. Would be great to meet up with you and Doug for some Pho... maybe a photoshoot as well.

Originally Posted by Bartacus View Post
WOW! Didn't see this one coming!! Great color! Looks like a tough color to take pics of though. It looks to be one of those colors that changes depending on light conditions. I like it!! Congrats buddy, even though you left the silver club.

EDIT: and those shoes are straight outta Bollywood.
Thanks Bro! Great to hear from you and you're RIGHT... very tough color to take pics of... light conditions change the color from Teal to a true blue color. LOL... Bollywood shoes indeed.

Originally Posted by E46M3BMW View Post
looks good but the title of 'world's first this color on this model car' is fairly meaningless.
Thanks... you have a point there but I hope you read my full post... what my car stands for in terms of my heart awareness is not meaningless whatsoever and my title was somewhat in jest... until someone proves me wrong by having done an Atlantis Blue 323i before mine I'll gladly keep that title in jest... life is too short not to have a bit of fun, right?

Originally Posted by .::M::. View Post
Whoa I missed this update - super sick man, mega props

Originally Posted by DropTopKingM3 View Post
One of my favorite colors on one of my favorite sedans. Great job bro
I'm truly honored... thanks, my friend!

Originally Posted by HardPark'd TT View Post
Amazing Navin. Great job
Thanks bro!

Originally Posted by rohde88 View Post
Looks great, nice way to refresh the car
Thanks bro!

Originally Posted by Fatal_Image View Post
im not gonna lie i was skeptical at first about the color but after seeing the pics that color is AWESOME. only things that hold the color back from its true potential is the drop and wheels. i would maybe get some csl style rim to give the car a cleaner look since atlantis blue is pretty loud/bold color, you know try and make the car look less busy.

everything else looks sick. may i ask why you didnt upgrade the front fenders to the sedan facelift 02-05 fenders while you were doing the respray? regardless congrats on the respray and great color choice.
Thanks bro! I actually prefer the prefacelift look to the facelift, hence why I'd never consider a facelift conversion. CSL wheels are great, but I love the DPE wheels I have now, especially with the CF finish on them. They were DPE's first wheels with that finish and with my heart awareness efforts the wheels are sentimental to me. As for the drop, I mentioned in one of my earlier posts here that my car's height is currently in "winter mode" so I didn't drop my ride height. Come next spring the car will be lowered.

Originally Posted by _Shark View Post
Love that color!

Specs on the exhaust?! Looks great
Thanks! Eisenmann Quad Exhaust. I have the discontinued "High Performance" version which on the sound scale falls between the Race and Sport.

Originally Posted by 323I00 View Post
Where to begin...

After reading one of youre threads , I was compelled and couldnt resist Introducing my self In a proper manner , From that moment on ,there was more then just a connection for the love of E46"s , We share a condition that one can not understand the feeling unless they live through It ..the way we do.

I was detrmined to put a face to the words and voice for once and for all, Weeks away from Bimmerfest I can recall telling Carol how enthused I was upon meeting you (A true OG to the E46 FANATIC world) and how much It meant to me to attend Bimmerfest.

When you filled me In on the secret I knew before seeing It that It would be a work of art ! Now seeing It at first hand persay I have to hand It to you this brings a whole new meaning to life, Perfection at Its best.

I have nothing but the up most respect and all for you !,Youre story-friendship and words of Inseperation truly define how much of a great and kind friend you have been !

Keep the faith brother!

I am truly honored to have met you, Paolo. Both you and your GF are absolute gems of human beings. I know you'll get past your heart issues. You're the first MMA fighter I've ever met and all my buddies here know of your training partner, Georges St-Pierre. Your humility and kindness, not to mention your enthusiasm for Bimmerfest and your 323i is truly an inspiration to me.

Originally Posted by dbworld4k View Post
Stunning. Congrats buddy!

Thanks bro!

Originally Posted by coco savage View Post
nice job
Thanks bro!
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