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Originally Posted by jamesbice View Post
The fuse was blown surprisingly. And unfortunately they keep blowing. The one in it was rated at 10 amps which I presume is correct. I have checked my fakra cable and it is correct, apart from the two very similar green wires, however I think one of them is for the reverse and the other is from a speaker, so this being incorrect should not be an issue in getting the unit to turn on.

As soon as I plug in the fakra cable, without even the ignition being on, the fuse pops in front of my eyes.

So hopefully the fuse rating is incorrect, or I may have issues that I can't deal with. I'm still trying to run the unit in my boot, however my current headunit is disconnected so shouldnt be posing an issue.

Any more ideas? Cheers
The fuse on the Dyanavin is 10 amps. Dont try messing with a different fuse because you'll definitely void any type of warranty on it. As for the green wires there are two different types on the fakra. A solid green wire and a green wire with a black stripe on it I think. Check closely as you may have mixed them up.

Edit: Just saw which radio tuner you had. I never heard of the one youre using. Im only familiar with the BM53 and C43/
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