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Originally Posted by BDUB328I View Post
i was hoping i would see your name as well as the select few who know what this is about.

im swaping the entire pedal assembly. even the brake... i know mite46 had problems with this (fitting the booster or something?) but Jesseppi or whatever his name is did it with no problems? other than drilling 2 new holes.. so hopefully it wont be a big deal.

Im going to try to use the 328i FCM and hook it up to the m3. so all lighting and doors (maily the rear) still work. if someone has any more info and can elaborate how how to do this that would be great. i was told by someone who did the swap they used the body's FCM and made it work with the M3 stuff so the back doors and all the lighting functioned normal without having to splice in the rear doors and doing all that fun stuff

I'm pretty sure you can use the 328 body harness and just use the motor electronics from the S54. Congrats on actually going through with this, I'm excited to see the progress!
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