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Originally Posted by avglushk View Post
U r right. I'm not upset. Firestone actually did find something. They found that i dont have a leak

As for fuel filter i replaced that 10-15K ago. I'm thinking O2 sensor. But based on what i read here looks like bad O2 sensor causing car run rich not lean. Am I wrong?

Plugs are fine did them when i had 118K. Now I have almost 153K.

Now I have only one code: p1189
it is very odd to have only one code, well that does point something out.. i wish i had knew this.
p1189 is only one bank having an issue. (bank 1=1-3cylinders, bank 2 = 4-6 cylinders)
It sounds like its going to be one ignition coil, or one spark plug, or one o2 sensor (if thats the case) you dont have any misfires?
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