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Originally Posted by bmwci323 View Post
Switch around the ignition coils a few times, move the front 3 to the 6,5,4 cylinders. and then check to see if your code changes to a p1188, (meaning bank 1) instead of a bank 2 code.

I would pull your plugs anyways, and check them.

do you have your own scanner?

as for my car, I ordered in a new CCV anyways, just incase, it is a common problem with my sypmtoms, and a cheap part. i did replace my oil dipstick to ccv hose and a second one with high temp heating hose,that i attached to the old fittings. ( they both had holes)

after that, fuel pressure test and smoke, i havent done because my cars not insured...
That's a good idea. I will do that later. First I wanna see if 1189 is gonna show up again. No, i dont have scanner. I use Autozone (everybody already knows me there, every time i show up there, they are like - ok, let me get the scanner and i'll be right with u )

I had 1188 and 1189 too. Replacing CCV and hoses killed 1188

Well, do CCV and hopefully it's gonna solve your problem. I hope u dont have to wait too long to get CCV from ECS jk
Originally Posted by Arsevader
Sorry to hear about your mirror. This is what happens when you don't change your mirror fluid at the recommended intervals.
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