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Originally Posted by avglushk View Post
As far as i know if the car performs better with MAF unplugged that means that u either have bad maf or vacuum leak. Dude at firestone gave me a list of what can cause 1188 and 1189.
1. Leaking CCV
2. Dirty Fuel Injectors - (i actually bought today chevron techron fuel system cleaner, heard a lot of good stuff about this cleaner and it's gonna be first time i'm using it )
3. Weak MAF
4. Leaking Unmetered Air.

Also MAF reading should be 3.5-5.0 g/s at idle. my reading was 4.27g/s
And fuel pressure test reading was 55 (i believe it's normal)

Hope that helps. Dont remember if i asked u, did u take a look at your lower boot?
55psi is perfect, where did u get the maf and fuel pressure test done at? how much
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