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Originally Posted by avglushk View Post
Firestone. They charged me $79.99 plus tax for everything. Smoke test, fuel pressure test, maf test, oxygen sensors test.

I dont know may be that 1189 that i had was just a glitch after i replaced CCV and hoses cuz everything looks very good. I have no leaks, maf is fine, fuel pressure is fine, O2 sensors are fine. Could be dirty fuel injectors. Hopefully techron will help me with that.

So anyway man, do CCV then when u get your car insured do smoke test and everything else i did and we'll go from there

Report back
yup, we shall see. 79.99 is better then paying a german mechanic 139.99 for an hours diagnostics.. but then agian german mechanics know the car in and out (atleast id hope)
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