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Originally Posted by 'busa View Post

Tesla was one of the greatest scientists and inventors of the last century.
He invented the AC current we use, the radio, remote controlled torpedos, lots of things.

I wonder why he does not get more respect and attention that he Edison and Einstein ?

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No doubt he's a very intelligent man, and one of his books got me interested in physics, but I feel like he spends too much time in the limelight. And like I said, his shows are absolutely ridiculous, as are some of his books; it's sensationalist science.
As a non scientist I am impressed by the guy (Michio Kaku) but I don't have anything else to compare him too. But every time I see him on tv he is always enthusiastic about whatever he is discussing and he speaks with a lot of confidence. Without knowing anything about his professional reputation among his peers, I would say that his greatest contribution is getting other people interested in Physics, Space and other sciences...aka...Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan.
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