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well just finished replacing the boot, i noticed the second smaller tube on the lower boot was really loose and there were a few spots on the accordion looking piece that were creasing but not actually cracked right through.
i also think my upper boot i will replace soon as it looks like the stem to the hoses that come off the "F" looking piece was silicone repaired by previous owner, too be safe i wrapped it up with electrical tape.

now for the install..
i removed the upper intake boot and went the route of taking off the DISA Valve instead of disassembling the million other things listed in the DIY.
removing the DISA valve was easy as pie and gave me great access to the clamps minus the last one.
as most above mentioned, the last clamp on the lower intake boot was on the bottom of the tube and facing towards the back of the engine
after all sorts of extensions and other pieces back and forth i got to the clamp and removed it.

i haven't got to test and see if the whistle is gone yet because i also replaced my coolant temp sensor and now need to refill my coolant and the closest BMW dealership is 45 mins away.

now to build the courage to do the Vanos seals

whistle is pretty much gone, got a faint little noise but it's not at 2K anymore so i'm guessing that's the usual intake noise

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