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I typically get a relatively traditional dish and and one component to it to stir things up a bit

Basil puree mixed in with mashed potatoes

Sweet mashed casserole, and some mashed roasted bananas

Tomato sauce, always add a cup of red wine, always wait until the end to season with additional salt... the more I cooks down, the more flavor, adding too much salt at the beginning might screw in the end

Be VERY aware of temperature control... you'd be surprised how many things cook better with less heat rather than torching the f out of whatever is on the stove

Cook bacon low and slow and you will be rewarded

Know your oils and their smoke points

Always let meat rest 5 or so minutes before you serve, slice, etc.. season liberally 10 min before cooking, room temp meat is a must, so leave it out for an hour before cooking

Be conscious of textures in a dish.... for example, I made pan seared scallops on little "islands" of a sweet potato leek puree. For added texture and a little refreshing addition, I added very thinly juliened slices of red and green apple tossed in a little lemon juice on top of each scallop, something so simple and subtle took that dish to a whole other level
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