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Where I live most of the debagged E46 are 320, 323 and 325's. So first feeling I get is that the guy wants to hide is not driving a 330 or an M. Also, I don't feel the logo 330CI for example is crowding the trunk at all. Honestly, when I saw the back of a debagged M3, it hurt a little inside, feels like the guy driving it just got a new paint and didn't bother to put back the M emblem yet. So yeah, it does feel poser to have a debagged 320,323,325 IMO, but that's your car and you shouldn't do things for what strangers think of your ride. OTOH, there are people fake badging, now that's bad, I saw a fake M5 (525) the other day on the highway. I drove next to him and gave him a thumb up with sarcasm. That is a sacrilege.

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