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Originally Posted by be-doubleyou View Post
Now that i know what your car looks like i'll keep an eye you for it on campus. Looks clean
Thanks man! I do love my car! It was very well kept by the previous owner. The only thing that bugs me right now is the ride height, it is not terrible, but I just cannot stand the gap!

Just waiting on my dad to write the check for my coil overs, fvcking slacker needs to hurry up!

Originally Posted by tcek View Post
college kids..........tuition due............fancy cars...............expensive modifications...............high insurance rates..............time to go give daddy a big kiss and thank you
This is actually really funny. I would have no problem giving my "daddy a big kiss and thank you" if he bought me a car. I would have no problem with my parents paying for my car, education, bills, etc.

My family happens to be quite poor, and its all good. It forced me to develop a good work ethic, and I have always know that if I wanted to drive a nice car, have nice clothes, go to college I would have to work my ass off, and that is exactly what I do, and I am proud of it

Originally Posted by KeegMac5621 View Post
Go yourself, cause some kids actually work for their cars, insurance, gas, and their mods. They also earn scholarships and take out student loans to cover the difference. If you got a problem with college kids with BMW's why did you even open this thread? I know why, because you're typical ignorant

For the kids with parents that do pay for all things above, be grateful. Its expensive and I wish my parents would do that but they dont so Im jealous and its seems that "tcek" is as well.
Don't let stuff like this get you worked up mayn, its only the internet!
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