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My Ride: F
School: Virginia Tech
Year: Senior
Major: Packaging Systems and Design
Car: 2002 Phoenix Yellow M3 owned for 1 year (sold the 2001 325i bought when I was 17)
Age: 21
How I afforded it: Sold my 2001 325i and worked 75 hour work weeks during summers since age 16...paid bills and set up an "M3" fund account using one of my savings accounts, I also partially financed a small amount of the M (less than 20% of total cost) to help boost my credit and not blow all my money into a car. Have received various scholarships and grants as well. Interned for 2 years and I often sell old things not in use on ebay to get extra money. Work part time during the school year. Ive made a few investments as well
Mods: OEM 18" wheel square setup, angel eyes, and TS muffler. Nothing fancy right now. Dont have the $ to drop on mods since maintenance and school are more important right now to me.

"If more people said what they meant and felt, were ‘real’, rather than wore a mask or withheld, plus there was more self-awareness and less judgment in society, the world might be a better place and real discussions, change & progress might happen."

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