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Originally Posted by BBBoy323i View Post
Nice car bro to you working for your own car. And to all the haters out there, my parents offered to buy me a more expensive car but I decided to buy it on my own, helped me be more responsible etc. They pay for my tuition and my dad helps me with most of my maintenance. I am grateful to them.
Thanks, its really not difficult saving up for something within a decent price range when youre young. It just takes dedication and budgeting of finances to achieve the things you want to buy. It paid off though....I had to wait 3 years when I first decided I wanted an M3 over my 325i before I could finally pull the trigger on an M After this though my money will go into things like my retirement account and saving for a house after college. Mods will eat up money faster than you can blink.

Edit: And to be honest, as much as I wanted an M3 and had the money for one...I shouldve waited until after college to buy it that way I could afford another DD and not put all these miles on the M. Lesson learned though but the car has been a joy.
"You are free to make choices. You are not free to escape the consequences."

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