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Originally Posted by douglas_ngo View Post
My buddy is EP director for the East region so when your car is ready, let me know. He is actually live pretty close to Lancaster. Do you have any other mods on your car?
i have clear corners, clear sides, and depo headlights w/ ccfl AE. plan on getting clear led tails to finish off the exterior lighting. all the other mods i had will no longer be on the car after the swap....

i will own my car forever now and plan on modding it a bit more...

i would love to have a WB like yours (plan on doing it sometime after my swap and getting fat wheels to match). I also plan on putting an indash touchscreen comp like mite46's but not as insane, lol. i want mine to look clean and just take up the normal double din space. also planning on puting camera's on mine like mite did. there are much better products out now than there were when he did it and at a reasonable price. (my dad works for bosch security systems and knows his stuff about cameras so this will be the easy part)

thank you very much for your support and offer. i have always drooled over all the EP cars and wished mine was as nice.. ill deff. be in touch

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