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yes, and many of those items I pointed out when I started this thread.

I think your advice is good, buy a product for what it does, not what you hope it will do. Ive posted some lengthy posts in these threads about the consequences of unrealistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations make for unhappy customers, and you guys all know that is contrary to what im all about.

I think devices like the iphone have changed peoples expectations of what electronics can and should do....and in most cases in an unrealistic way. Not everything is firmware upgradable. I have sold audio products for almost 20 years, do you know how many stereos are upgradeable? Almost none. What you buy is what you get. The fact that dynavin had any updates at all is fairly unusual in the larger market.

Some things are software based and can be changed, some things are hardware based and cannot be changed. They changed software where they could, but there were things that couldnt be changed without changing the hardware, and to do that requires a new model with new hardware, and that is where we are now. Ive been working with dynavin for a year and a half now, through 3 different 'models', and I KNOW that they are VERY interested in making you guys happy, but there are limitations to what is possible, from the engineering, the economics, and the logistics, not everything is possible.

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