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Originally Posted by rohde88 View Post
what is "too sore to workout"?

If you're doing squat thrusts or something I would just keep doing bodyweight squats and ignore the burn.
yeah a lot of crossfit is multiple muscles so I would want to make sure I'm not too worn out from the previous days workouts

Originally Posted by Glight View Post
With starting strength you wont be working out everyday, just 3 days a week. If you were to do the crossfit mainpage workout it is a 3 days on / 1 day off schedule. If you let me program for you after you're done with SS I will plan accordingly so you arent too sore from the previous day to do what I have planned for the current day.
I'd love that man. I just turned 29 today and it kind of sucks knowing I'll be 30 in a year. My goal is to be in the best shape of my life one year from now. No more fuucking around.

Originally Posted by BMW_Matt View Post
not sure if srs.

What I mean is that if a crossfit program called for front squats one day and it kills me, will I be able to do other workouts that exhaust my legs.

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