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Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
Hmmm ok. So if c changes that means that there is more energy per given unit of mass than we thought, correct? Would we not have noticed that when using the formula elsewhere? Or is it such a small variance from c that it wouldn't make much of a difference?
I see. So the mistake wouldn't be in the measurement, but the analysis of the measurement.
Well, if what they see is correct and the value of c has to change (again, I think that's very unlikely) it would be a difference of 0.0025%. It is small, and this effect might not change much in the mass/energy calculations, but it would have been seen in other equations. c comes up in just about every equation, and values that depend on c have been measured to much higher precision than 0.0025%.

As for the mistake, it could be a mistake in the analysis, but if they haven't calibrated their clocks properly for example, it would be a mistake in the measurement that impacts every single event.

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