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ok I am going to sumarize what I am looking for here, there are a lot of people subscribed, hopefully someone can help.

I have the OEM alarm, but the siren is wildly too quiet. I cant hear the chirps unless I am on top of my car. I would like to add an extra siren (a DEI one I have lying around), in addition to the OEM siren. I am making this over complicated a) because I can, and b) because I did something slighltly non-standard when I installed and activated my alarm.

In a normal alarm system, the siren is usually wired in a way that when it is 'triggered' either by alarm or by chirp, the connection is grounded, the circuit is made, and the alarm sounds. (negative trigger). the sound of the alarm is predicted soley on the wiring of the alarm. In this case, any 12v alarm siren can be used. horns, piezos, talkers, etc....Its a very simple basic circuit.

I am concerned that the feeds that everyone is tapping into are not a)drivable - meaning that they wont put out enough current to drive the siren and b) are not actually 12v +/- alarm triggers. I think they send a 'command' to the alarm module that it should trigger. the driver and the internal relays are part of the alarm module.

I think that because there is a setting burried in the car that allows you to switch to intervaltone (interval tone) for the alarm. it changes the siren to a european style tone. I have this enabled, its a riot.

I want to hook up the extra siren using a relay, and would use the two feeds everyone has used to drive the relay, but I dont understand how the signal coming from the car, going to the alarm module could be pure if the tone can be changed. since the GM5 controls the tone, I dont want to overdrive it and burn it out....

ive cross linked this post with the wiring diagram of the module.


Any thoughts? or are you all just as confused as me.
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