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Originally Posted by flipm3 View Post
From my own research, it seems like the tabs and cam bolts are the most likely to fail as you mentioned. I know in the S54B32 Z4Ms had upgraded cam bolts, but I'm not sure if that upgrade made it into the E46 M3s of the same year and after.

In regards to specific years, I have not seen any conclusive statistics for susceptibility. Honestly, I still think that those that experience VANOS failures are a very small percentage. It's just being on the forums, we are a very small niche of enthusiasts and obviously when something goes wrong, it is bound to find it's way here. So I'm not even sure if it's safe to say that a VANOS failure is "common" but more so that the specific underlying cause of a VANOS failure has lead to a consistent aggregating factor.
Very good information for all to know, I am still educating myself in this whole VANOS subject. I guess a pro-active measure would be to take the VANOS system apart for inspection and replace parts that seem severely stressed/wornout. The upside to DIY is having all the correct tools to do the job or getting creative and developing our own (if possible in this case).

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