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I like to strain the cooking liquid and then just use it to make a sauce from that. I feel like that most things that have cooked for 6, 8, 10 hours, there really isn't that much flavor left in them.

99 cents a pound, I couldn't pass up chicken thighs again. All trimmed and soaking in their wet rub. I wanted to make a chili with brisket but at ~$4 a lb, I passed in favor of making a chicken chili. I have chicken stock, onion, garlic, dried guajillo peppers, dried chile costenos and dried habaneros in the bottom and the chicken on a rack a little off the bottom. I'm gonna do the same thing with the cooking liquid I would as with the pulled chicken but instead of making a BBQ sauce, I'll use it to make a chili base, then add the chicken towards the end of the cooking process. Just to increase volume I'll add beans to this one. Figure I should get 6-8 meals off of a ~$10 investment.
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