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Originally Posted by ///M=Power View Post
i just popped it on so it was snug and wouldnt come off if i pulled it. it didnt matter where the tab was that is on the bottom of the boot if thats what you are talking about...

but this mod works, it got rid of an annoying whining sound when normally accelerating... but i still get a high pitched screech like a turbo that starts at 5500 rpm and gets louder the higher the RPM when im flooring it, people ask me if my car is turboed all the time lol, i just think its embarrassing . i have a vacuum leak somwhere else, i need to find out where it is, im thinking its the upper intake hose, the rubber is no longer that soft, its become dry and cracked so im thinking theres not a good enough seal behind the MAF.

when I did this repair that was the only thing I was hoping to fix but it still sounds boosted to me as well, at least it does when I floor it. sounds like a junkyard turbo from an old volvo lol so yeah embarassing if your around people who are car savvy and know thats not the sound of a turbo

please please PLEASE let me know if you find a solution for this.

my check engine light has been off for over 100 miles so I'm assuming there are no more vacuum leaks, i checked pretty extensively for dry rotted tubing when I did the boot and it was all good, so my only other guess would be a dirty/old intake?
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