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your second picture is exactly where my hydraulic oil was dripping from the cylinders, I would imagine the first pic is where it leaks after you put the top up.

Its your Bow tension cylinder. To look, open the top part way, with the back window folded up and look at the exposed cylinders. they should be covered and seeping oil out. Unfortunately, that cylinder means the top has to come off and headliner removed to take it out. Its also the most expensive one to replace.

I did this back in March. I used Klaus Wit @ He has been doing Merc SL repairs on the same thing. He will rebuild the cylinders. For the top work I actually used the Dealer. They only charged me 4 Hours worth of labor to dissassemble and remove the cylinders. Mailed them off to Klaus and Had the dealer put it back together. The process and stress of the repair was a royal PIA, but the actual results were worth the money
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