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Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post
your timeline is way off. I think there is a great amount of misunderstanding about these made up "version" numbers, what they mean, and when they happened.

V1-V3 were almost identical, early users used those names then to differentiate between the slight (mostly cosmetic) variations that happened in the first 3 production runs. V4 was a V3 with rubber knobs and came with LOCs included. So V1-V4 were pretty much the same model (called D30 by dynavin) and were produced from late 2009 to September of 2010.

V5 (D90) then came out in September of 2010 and has been in production until now, android option was added in march.

Now we are going into October 2011 and a new "V6" (D95) model is on its way.

How is this production schedule any different than every other similar product that has ever been made, Stereos, TVs, Cars, ipods, blenders, toothbrushes, sporks, its standard practice and always has been.
I totally agree with you, the only difference is most of the time, the other products are customer friendly or market ready. Most of the dynavin users would not survive a week without your help or firmware upgrades etc. Imagine if they would sell the early dynavin at bestbuy? I would have probably return it because of the clock no working properly lol. But in the end the dynavin is still our best option, and I hope I can get my hand on a v6. Are you gonna get big first batch or is gonna run short (out stock)
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