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Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
I'd be willing to bet it helped. I'm curious as to their definition of a high dose; that's a very subjective thing with any drug.
I'm sure it did, i'm just curious in what way, for how long etc.

For example, if mushrooms act as a stimulant for creativity and have long lasting effects, does this mean that a couple months/weeks down the road when you're thinking about a new idea it will benefit from the creativity enhancement effect? Or instead, if there's been an idea you've been working and couldn't quite complete, your brain while on the mushrooms would experience an a-ha moment that wouldn't have happened unless your were under the influence.

Originally Posted by Raymond42262 View Post
I would be interested in knowing how they measure results in creativity.
I imagine that much of it would be subjective.
It is not like a math test, where results are black and white.

However, I guess that have psychological tests that measure differences in creativity.
I imagine there's a number of experiments you could try to quantify the effects, granted they'd be somewhat subjective, but you can always tell when a person is being more or less creative if observed for long enough and under a variety of conditions.
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