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Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
IMO creativity is lateral thinking, finding a connection between two ideas that would normally have nothing in common, and it's been scientifically proven via fMRI and EEG that all psychedelics activate the area of the brain responsible for novelty. This can manifest in many different ways: something trivial and mundane becomes infinitely more interesting, something that normally brings comfort might send you into a panic attack, or you might look at/think about an idea or object and make a novel connection to another idea/object. In short: they aid in looking at/thinking about things from different perspectives.
I think psychedelics could be useful, if the dosage was low and they were manufactured with higher standards than the guys who make it on their kitchen stove.

However, if I could find some safe DMT, that would be interesting....jk
I've hear a lot of interesting things about it.
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