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Originally Posted by MTreyM View Post
Ben Tate is doing good things, it will take some time for Arian to get back in the groove.

I dont know what it is about Cam, but I want to start him over Rivers again even though they are going against Bears D.....thoughts?
I don't see Cam putting up #s like he did in weeks 1 & 2. League wide, I think defenses were hurt more by the lock out than the offenses and the Ds are catching up. This week I see Rivers having his best game of his season so far. They should crush the 'phins.

Also I just picked up Sydney Rice from FA, although the QB and the team in general is bla, Rice is a pimp. Should I start Rice, Meachem, AJ Green or Mike Williams.
Almost seems like a pick 'em to me. I'd go Meachem. Plays in the system that will score the most points and he's had a TD the past 2 weeks.

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Doing drugs and having sex... oh wow big deal. Well it is actually a HUGE deal.

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