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I went through oembimmerparts and got what he claimed was OEM... It's a Soleri.

Maybe it was made by different manufacturers at times, I don't know. But it does have the composite impeller (sounds like metal when you thump it) like the BMW one. I know that unlike other parts, it's not marketed as OEM on different parts sites.

Incidentally, posted it when I did my overhaul, but the OE one in my car had a metal impeller and still looked perfect with no wobbles, no bearing sounds, nothing loose. I suspect it would go as long or almost as long as the Stewart. Someone said that was only made in 99-00 (or 00-01, one of those).

Anyway, if I were buying a new e46 I wanted to refresh and thought I'd keep it for many more years, I'd probably go with a Stewart.

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