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Originally Posted by BMWtech View Post
Reasonable is what I suggested. I cant help but laugh when people want 27K for a 2001 with 100K on the clock. Sure 20 maybe 21 is feasible.

I did find a 02' with 78K for 17.5..... I know im not too far off here
Right, and I wasn't trying to give you $hit. I'm in the same boat as you actually (looking to buy an M3)- But that's just some advice as to why you haven't had some responses to your WTB ad yet.

Maybe put a few more guidelines such as color preference, interior and exterior, and if you prefer stock or modded. If you don't care- then that'll make your search even easier! GL on your search, but you probably won't need it. Cali is a great place to be looking!

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