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Unhappy Engine won't crank.

Or will it? Ok I don't know whats going on...
So today Im leaving school and I go to start my car, starter cranks fine and begins to start and I release the key then it stalls out. I tried to crank 3 more times and got nothing but the starter chirping away. I let it sit for about 5 min fearful of killing my battery on all the false/failed starts and when I hit it the 4th time it started. Problem is, it was a very rough start, idle issues and a big plume of grey/whitish/blue smoke - Almost like it was burning oil?

Anyways, I held it at a 1k idle for another 5 minutes, let it go and viola. Happy car, I made it home. However! This got me worried.

It's an 01 330ci AUTO/STEP with 118k on the dash. I did a Level I ins at 115k, oilchange at 115k and thermo/expansion/waterpump/hoses @ 117k.

Could it just have been a bad start on my end, releasing the ignition a little too early and flooding the engine? I know flooding on FI is difficult but not impossible, IDK if thats true on BMW. No SES and no other lights showing up with the exclusion of its normal start.

Waiting for it to cool down to open her up and take a look around to see if I can spot anything. Figured I'd ask the experts. I trolled around and searched but couldnt find anything directly related to me.

OBD is fine on Batt @ 13.2-14.1 when started and running and revving. Im hoping for something simple or DIY and not a computer or headgasket...

What are you guys thinking? Im gonna go check out under the hood and try to start again to see if I get a similar issue. I was planning on doing another level 2 inspection at bimmer but Im to afraid to drive up there until I have an idea of whats going on.

Hoping its just user error.
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