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Originally Posted by MercForHire View Post
Here is a list of things you must do or already done.
Subframe reinforcement kit plus installation $150 + 8-10 hours labour welding shop. Total: $1000
Cooling system overhaul $300 parts + 3-5 hours labour. Total: $600-800
Ccv hoses. Not sure how much but $500+ job for shop and at least few hundred in parts for diy.
Random other fixes $1000

Total everything and see if you can afford.
I think your crazy. I'm glad they built my car before they figured out where to cut corners to produce them cheaper and quicker.

Op, look at the FAQ tab at the top of the page, I'm pretty sure the differences are listed between what I have and all the newer ones.

I'd go for it, I bought mine for 4K @ 186,000 miles. Price is a bit high, maybe 4-4,500 for the one you want.
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