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Originally Posted by nzhty View Post
ok, to be clear, the pins 7, 9 and 15 that is not on "A" or "B" connector, i must disconnect those pins from the big connector and use the ones that came from the usa spec? so is going to be 3 pins that came from the car the old pins 7, 9 and 15 that i just put duck tape and leave there dont?

by the way sorry for my bad english
again thanks a lot!
No problem. That what the forum is all about.

Yes, pins 7, 9, & 15 on the big connector.

No, do not disconnect them from the connector or you HU will not work. You need to "T-in" to these three lines- meaning leave them connnected to the big connctor but also make a connection to these three wires with the corresponding wire from the 3pin connector.

And the adhesive on duct tape is conductive ... real electrical tape or even cloth hockey is preferred
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