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You figure the Jets are gonna try to exploit Pats 2ndary (althought marky mark at QB probably isn't capable of exploiting anything).... plus if you assume Pats are going to score some points (this is tough too, Jets D is alright), Jets might end up in a shootout game with them trying to catch up so the run game might get no action. Its a tough call though but based on the matchup I would go ahead and say to play Best. I just don't see anyone playing the Pats playing a control the clock type of run game.

What do you guys think of this trade; I traded Michael Turner for Mike Wallace. I Had Foster, Forte, Turner, Benson at RB and Santana Moss, Bryant at WR.... figure I free up Benson because I think I rather start him instead of Moss weekly so this way I end up with Foster, Forte, Benson, Wallace, Bryant. I'm gambling that Turner is going to have a lot more bust games then Wallace, I figure when Roddy White gets healthy, him with Julio Jones should make them a pass 1st team so hoping Turner's role becomes a little less... although I don't have much faith in Matt Ryan, I hope he'll get it together. Plus something with Turner's game I don't like... he gets like 50 yard on 20 carries and ends up busting for a big run and a TD to get his stats up, I don't think that'll happen too often and he'll up up being a bust more often then not. Hoping Big Ben stays healthy and improves and Wallace should put up some numbers, plus being a Steelers fan it adds a little more to the fun. What you guys think, bad logic with the trade or no?
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