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Originally Posted by [alsharifi] View Post
Just ordered mine. Thanks for the informative thread.
Cool. You will like it!

Originally Posted by nzhty View Post
steve, i connect the usa-spec just like you say, and it work fine... but 2 things that i have to say:

1) the there is a noise in all the music that came from my iphone every few seconds i can hear a noise... no matter which playlist or song is plaing...

2) the thing that don't work is the aux in.... but this is not realy important...
i just want to hear my iphone music without interference.... in my car...

someone say to me that maybe is the "ground" that is causing this noise... but i dont know for sure...

i use to make the connection between the plug that came from the usa-spec to the "A" connector and the 3 pins in the big 17 round pin conector some computer plugs that fit perfect the pins in the "A" connector as well the usa-spec conector for the 3 pins in the big 17 round pin connector i "T-in" just like you say.......

again thanks in advance...
1. Yes, a grounding issue. It seems that some HU's do not ground the Audio GND pins internally. First thing to try is to make an additional connection from the ground from the 17 pin connector (pin15-GND) to the ground pins on the A connector (pins 6 & 7).

2. I have my AUX disabled but you shoudl be able to enable it using the two pin or four pin switch (depending on which version you have) on the side of the USA-Spec module itself. Then you can sellect the AUX using the CD-6 button.

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