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Ok I'll put my 2 cents in again. If you like spending money to prevent something that might happen, go right ahead it's your money! If you don't, then take solice in the fact that my 01 330ci is at 166K miles with only 2 thermostat changes at 60 & 120K and a water pump change at 120K because it was actually leaking. Everything else in the cooling system is original. Just because one or a few people have a failure, doesn't mean we all must go out and replace everything! Hell if this your approach, you should just lease a new car every three years and forgetaboutit when it comes to maintenance! This is the problem with the web in that right or wrong is clouded by certain opinions that can spread like wildfire and become gospel. Oh, don't tell anybody, I use Prestone and doh I use Syntec 5-50! and on and on
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