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Replaced the woofer with 12" IDQ

I have since replaced the dual isobaric sub with this:
Not that it didnt sound good, it did. In fact, I was continually amazed by it's sound and output.

Two reasons, well three reasons:

1. One of the wiring tabs on one of the woofers broke off. I may have knocked it or something during assembly. Well, an isobaric needs all woofers to work, so I noticed a decrease (BIG decrease) in SQ. Unfortunately I never planned on dissasembly, so I basically had to destroy the box to get to it. After that, haveing Been There Done That, I started drawing up other plans. That's the fun for me, anyway.

2. I missed the trunk space that the box took up. Wasn't much at first, but seemed to have grown over time! lol

3. I had an itch to f*ck with fiberglass, no pun intended. Just something I wanted to do. So I built the FG side unit, which I love.

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