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330ci Exhaust questions!! RHD exhaust system-upgrade!!

Hi guys!!

I need your help, knowledge and opinions on my exhaust upgrade thoughts..

I live in Greece and i have an E46 coupe (LHD).. car was a 2lt 4cyl (318ci 143ps) and i did last year a complete 330 engine swap from a UK 330 (RHD)..

I see that the RHD models have differences compared to the LHD ones..

Check this out..
This is my OEM RHD header & cats (i plan on upgrading them also, i just don't know if im gonna do it all together or do a cat back system now and do headers & cats later) and after that it has this section (the first one) which says "exhaust pipe with catalyt.converter"... What the f...?? The RHD M54 models have 4 cats total..??
A friend told me that UK models produce less hp.. Is that true..??
The rest part of the exhaust is the same between RHD and LHD models..

What i want to do is to upgrade my exhaust to get maximum hp without being very loud.. I hate drone.. I have a friend with a compact E46 325ti M54 with custom centre muffler and rear silencer and does a very nice E36 M3 style sound..

Future exhaust upgrades are ebay headers with universal 200 cell metal cats..

I want your help with the cat back..
The exhaust from the RHD fitted my car (LHD) perfect without ANY mods..
Right know the only thing i have changed is the rear silncer with a custom one..
Here is a video.. Not the best one (mobile phone) but you can understand a bit the exhaust sound.. Of course live is way better..

I want to keep my existing custom rear silencer..
I see that some cat back systems like the Blue Flame, UUC etc have twin silencer systems..Other cat back systems (supersprint for example) use x-pipe (what does it do?) and then the 2 pipes go into one centre silencer and then again 2 pipes into one rear silencer..
Scorpion exhaust offers a cat back system with 2 pipes going into ONE front silencer then into ONE centre silencer and then into ONE rear silencer..
Jetex has different route.. 2 pipes into ONE front silencer then 2 pipes into ONE centre silncer and then ONE pipe goes into the rear silncer..

What is the best exhaust upgrade route for maximum hp without crazy sound..??
Which system is the best..??
What do we achieve with the twin silencer or the use of ONE silencer or single piping..??
I don't want to lose low end torque and gain high.. I want some overall hp (if it's doable) with a nice sound..

If i change only the silencers without changing the pipes will i get any hp?
Should i delete these catalytic converters ?? should i add an x-pipe, just pipes or small free flow silencers..??

Sorry for the loooong post!!!

Thanks in advance!!!
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