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Originally Posted by seacorb View Post
when I did this repair that was the only thing I was hoping to fix but it still sounds boosted to me as well, at least it does when I floor it. sounds like a junkyard turbo from an old volvo lol so yeah embarassing if your around people who are car savvy and know thats not the sound of a turbo

please please PLEASE let me know if you find a solution for this.

my check engine light has been off for over 100 miles so I'm assuming there are no more vacuum leaks, i checked pretty extensively for dry rotted tubing when I did the boot and it was all good, so my only other guess would be a dirty/old intake?
I found this issue is caused by the exhaust on our e46's. the shape of it is just right to create a whistle when just the right amount of air passes through the muffler and tips...i had a friend rev it and thats where the whistle came from. my friend got an aftermarket muffler and the sound went away. so i was like yep thats the cause of it. my car still does this as well but i couldnt care less. when i floor it due to my modified stock exhaust/ catless headers it has an m3 like rasp sound which masks it, and my intake drowns it out because its crazy loud.

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