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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
Why do some people do hang cleans instead of a full power clean? Is it just a different workout pretty much.

I got my home gym set up last night and was practicing power cleans and I had my friend video me and I have a lot to learn. The form is tough to get down
A power clean is almost like a deadlift + a hang power clean. If the deadlift portion isn't necessary for your training a lot of people will foxy just on the hang portion. That's the explosive part of the movement which is why you see a lot of athletes do just that. It takes some of the movin parts out of the equation too, so try can be a little easier to learn.

Post those videos. We can help with form here. Just work on each of the 3 pulls individually and drill te starting and finishing points for each. Then slowly put it all together.
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