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Originally Posted by Tampa01e46 View Post
I was searching for a picture thread with no success, maybe I'm a n00b, but lets see some guns! .....and don't post your biceps ....

I'll start.

Mossberg 500 Pistol grip HD 5+1 chamber for 2 3/4" or 3" Also have a Shoulder stock for it. Heat shield a necessity for realz, plus I like the look

Serious question: Did you buy that in a SHTF Kit (Mossberg 500 JIC Kit I think is what it's called)? I saw a kit at Academy Sports that had the Mossberg shotgun, some emergency blankets, 2,000 Calorie bars... It was a great buy for what you were buying. Look at it here.

I'll post some pictures of my goodies later on. I'm about to go meet a lady friend for dinner.
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Thread sucks so bad they moved it to the Feedback Forum.

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