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Originally Posted by steve.325i View Post
Hi Niki, sorry to hear about you hectic day. Yes, the shorter you can make the cable, the better. I have removed the extra wiring from my install as well.

Where have you loacted your usa-spec? Behind the glovebox? If so, you should be able to cut the cable down to four feet or so. You can make direct connection for the i-bus, +12, & GND wires & use your single pin crimp on socket for the 10-pin connector.

Does this sound reasonable to you?

thanks for your kind words.... it was "un infierno" you will say a "hell of a day" but thank god itīs over now...

well back to the problem... yes i put the usa spec behind the glove box... it seem very reasonable what you say....
if tomorrow donīt rain all day like today, iīll do what you say....

iīll let you know how it was....
thanks again

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