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The list!

Greg got me the list today. He wanted me to explain that some of his prices, on some items, may be more expensive than what you might be able to find elsewhere. He said that sometimes the big online sellers will get a 100 lot discount, and therefore can sell them a bit cheaper until they run out. Again, he's not a retailer so he just buys one or two at a time, usually to have on-hand for installs.

Anyway, I think the prices look fantastic. I will try to get them posted tomorrow.

By the way, I am not making ANYTHING on any future sales. I just wanted to try to get fanatics a better price if I could. I told Greg if he made some fanatic sales, that he owed me a logo Hat or T-Shirt or something like that.
Once I post the list tomorrow, I'm out.

(if you think you might be interested in buying audio equipment sometime in the future, and want to be able to compare Greg's stuff, I would suggest bookmarking this thread, that way you have it available. You know how fast the threads get "buried")
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