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Originally Posted by RG5384 View Post
I actually DID NOT want the status symbol. My car portrays an image that I cannot afford to keep up. I bought my car because I wanted a decently reliable, four door sedan, that was rear wheel drive with a sweet manual gearbox. The only reason I got rid of my IS300 was to get back to driving a manual, and the manual IS300's drive like poop.

I have loved the way these cars look since they came out, and in high school these were the cars I lusted after, so that is always a plus I suppose.
actually, same here... when i first bought my bmw, it wasnt about the status at all. but the perceived status it gives me is ridiculous that sometimes i cant handle it lol... especially in the cheap ass neighborhood i live in with so many jealous people.

and now there are people here that are like "omg how come ur not driving ur bmw anymore?? u cant go from a bmw to a vw!!!" when i actually had the vw first lol... it makes me think, damn do i need to have a bmw for u guys to accept me socially? screw u

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