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Originally Posted by Puri13 View Post
I doubt it.

But the reason you don't see a lot of bit legit mid-country meets is because that's asking just about everyone to travel a MAJOR distance for something that'll last just a couple days. Cali to Kansas is just over 24 hours according to google, over 3,000 miles round trip. We're all enthusiast and love showing off our cars, but doing all that in 3-7 day time span is pretty hard on wallets and cars. The mid-states don't have a lot of major meets and I'm sure they get little or no attention from the east or west coasts where bigger populations mean more local meets. I can't see an E46 nation-wide meet ever holding it's own. I love the cars and the forum is great but as it is you're talking about a 10-ish year old body that is mostly driven by teenagers young adults getting in to 'fast luxury cars' for cheap, cheap being the keyword there. And of course there's a few folks that bought their cars new or really fixed a used one up but only a portion of them would drive all day for something like this.

On the other hand I think E46F could be successful in having their own division/club presence at any major BMW meet like Bimmerfest, Mfest, 4ngie. Perhaps an organized parking area or even just a tent to create a presence, somewhere E46 owners could congregate and share their immediate interest within the BMW family.
Originally Posted by love the 325ci View Post
is there still talk about a meet
looks like this died out. Would have been cool to have these though. I'd go as I'm sure many other people would. Both west and east coast work for me.
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