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My home gym set up/Starting Strength log

figured I'd start a new thread and show you guys what I set up in my garage.

Just began the Starting Strength workout also.

Thanks glight for all the tips. Just finished the second workout.

The goal is to progress by 5 lbs on most lifts (15lbs on DL) every workout so you start very light. I don't plan on hitting my current 5rep maxes until maybe 5 weeks from now.

Each workout is 3x5 except deadlifts 1x5 and cleans 5x3.

Workout A
Squat 70
Bench 55
Deadlift 85

Workout B
Squat 75
Overhead Press 55
Power Clean 95

Everything is very easy at this point so hopefully I'm ready when the 5 week mark comes. It's literally been months since I've workout with weights so I'm hoping to get right back where I was.

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